First and second place medals will be awarded.
All games will be played by USSSA rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.
  2. Pre-game conference and coin flip between manager and umpires will take place 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  3. No organized infield practice before the games. Teams may warm up beyond the baselines or in foul territory while infield is being prepared. No live batting practice is allowed on the field or in the complex at any time. Batting nets are allowed.
  4. Time limit for all games is 70 minutes. Time begins after the pre-game conference. Time limit could change in case of tournament interruptions. All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 10 minutes early in case we are ahead of schedule. (This will help the tournament keep on time)
  5. Regulation games will be defined by the type of game that it is. 
    1. Bracket Play: Games will be 7 inning or time limit. Games that are tied at the end of regulation will use the ITB rule until a winner is declared.
  6. Run rules: 10 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings; 6 runs after 5 innings.
  7. Team manager may consult with the umpires; players, sponsors and other coaches are to keep out of discussions.
  8. No smoking or tobacco use on the field or in the dugouts.
  9. Roster Batting will be allowed during the ENTIRE tournament. Regardless of the number of players you have, you will need to announce your line-up format at the pre-game conference with the officials. AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO TURN IN A LINE-UP CARD NO MATTER WHAT TYPE OF BATTING LINE-UP YOU ARE USING.  Due to IA USSSA allowing roster batting, for teams that choose to roster bat, there are some additional rules that need to be clarified:
    1. Injury:
      1. Batter: If a batter cannot fulfill her time at bat due to injury or illness, that player will be eliminated from that entire game. Her spot will be skipped in the batting order. Teams will not be required to take an automatic out UNTIL they drop below 9 players.
      2. Runner: If a runner cannot continue her time on the bases, that player will be substituted with the last batter not on base. She will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game. The line-up will compress when her spot comes to bat.
    2. Ejections: A player ejection while roster batting will result in the team losing that player for the entire game. Her spot in the batting order WILL be an automatic out.
  10. Courtesy runner will be allowed for pitcher and catcher at any time. The courtesy runner will be designated by the following rules:
    1. Rulebook batting line-up: Per rulebook designation
    2. Roster batting line-up: The last batter not on base. If the last batter not on base is unavailable (i.e. she is the catcher or pitcher), the designated runner will roll back until such time as a possible sub can be found.
  11. Teams may begin a game with 8 players. If the additional players arrive after the start of the game, they will be handled in the following manner:
    1. Rulebook batting line-up: Teams may add a 9th player to the line-up. Any additional players will be designated as substitutes.
    2. Roster batting line-up: Teams may add any and all players to the end of the line-up. These players must be listed on the line-up card submitted prior to the game. If the players are not present for their time at bat, their spot will be skipped until they arrive with no automatic out being charged (unless below 9 players).
  12. The decision of the umpires is final.  Please do your part to display positive sportsmanship.
  13. Infield-fly rule applies (Does not Apply for 10u)
  14. A dropped third strike only matters when first base is unoccupied
  15. Players in the game are prohibited from wearing jewelry such as rings, watches, earrings whether covered with tape or not, bracelets, necklaces (including cloth and string type), or other hard decorative items. Unadorned devices with no sharp edges or points, such as bobby pins, barrettes and hair clips, no longer than 2 inches, may be worn to control a player’s hair are permitted. Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry. If worn it must be taped to the body, so as to remain visible. If jewelry is not removed, that player will not be able to play until the jewelry is removed.
  16. Prior to the pitch, the pitcher shall have both feet in contact with the pitcher’s plate. The hands must be apart. The pitcher may not take the pitching position on the pitcher’s plate without possession of the ball, and the pitcher may not simulate pitching with or without the ball when near the pitcher’s plate. B. Preliminary to pitching, the pitcher must take a position with the shoulders in line with first and third base with the ball in the glove or pitching hand, with the hands separated. C. While in this position, the pitcher shall take (or simulate taking) a signal from the catcher. D. After completing “C” above, the pitcher shall bring the hands together in front of the body for not more than 10 seconds before releasing the ball. The hands may be motionless or moving. Note: Before the pitch starts, the pitcher may remove them self from the pitching position by stepping back from the pitcher’s plate with both feet (either foot may be removed first) or by requesting time

 Special 10 & Under Rules Section

  • On defense, 4 outfielders may be employed.
  • There will be an expanded strike zone in place for 10U.
  • For 10U, players may only advance one base per pitch on a ball not put in play by contact.
  • Batters may not advance on a dropped 3rd strike.
  • No Infield Fly Rule 6. THERE IS NO STEALING HOME. There are only 4 ways to score:
    1. Bases loaded walk.
    2. Bases loaded HBP.
    3. Batted ball in play.
    4. Ball entering Dead Ball Area